We are making a move to ARTivistUS!

Greetings, Family, Friends and Fans!

I have decided to form -- and join -- a new collective effort to promote the work of artists with social justice and environmental concerns.  ARTivistUS now exists to assist creative folk like me with getting our messages out to you -- whether we understand social media or not!  You can help this effort immediately but SUBSCRIBING to the ARTivistUS YouTube channel AND by watching the award-winning video George Floyd: Say Their Names all the way through!  We need those numbers!

On October 19, 2020, "GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES" was released for your viewing pleasure at no charge!  No restrictions!  The video is resonating with everyone and has earned honors from more than 140 film festivals around the world, including more than 31 BEST MUSIC VIDEO awards, as well as BEST SHORT TILM, BEST INSPIRATIONAL SHORT, BEST FREE SPEECH FILM, BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM, BEST MESSAGE, BEST EDITING, BEST DEBUT FILMMAKER, BEST ACTRESS (WENDY A. WARD), and more.

All of Chris Oledude's singles -- "My Tower", "George Floyd" and "Orange Blues" -- have been heard around the world!  Seriously!  Listeners on every continent but Antarctica have heard this music, and fans are emerging everywhere!  People are tuning in and getting hooked on the distinctive sound of Chris' music.  More songs from Chris Oledude are on their way in 2022!

Welcome to Oledude World!

Thank you for supporting new music that rocks the message!

These are wild times -- and you need the right music!

More music is coming in 2022!