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JUNETEENTH 2020 finds us in the middle of a significant social change moment.
The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has focused attention on police brutality against people of color, and racism in general, in a way that few moments have in American history.

Black people have risen up -- again -- to demand justice. This time, however, white allies have been stepping up to help ensure that meaningful changes take place. I have written songs protesting injustice before, but this song came together over the course of a few days as I witnessed -- with gratitude, tears and surprise -- the breadth and depth of the "change coalition" emerging.

"George Floyd" is a "benefit song." I will not keep a penny. Whatever funds are generated by the sale of this song will be distributed to three non-profit organizations engaged in the ongoing struggles for respect, dignity and rights: Black Lives Matter (blacklivesmatter.com), the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (naacpldf.org), and the Alliance of Families for Justice (afj-ny.org).

This song can only be purchased from this website. So please spread the word to your friends to buy the song, "rock the message," and support change.

Thank you!

Chris Oledude

P.S. -- Special shout out and thanks go to engineer Mark Dann, his daughter and "narrator", Alissa, researcher Bessie Wong, and musicians Charles Frommer, Geoffrey Owens, Eric Parker, Ross Reed, Nancy Donnelly Swart, and Wendy Ward for their contributions to this effort.

P.P.S. -- Since this is a "benefit recording," we are not including it in our subscriber package. But don't worry, there are two more great songs on the way between now and the end of July, so after you buy this song, subscribe and save! Peace!


George Floyd
(c) 2020 Christopher Robert Owens

George Floyd...
George Floyd...
George Floyd...
George Floyd!

Hanz up! Don't shoot! I can't breathe! *
Hanz up! Don't shoot! I can't breathe!
Hanz up! Don't shoot! I can't breathe!
No justice? No peace!

Get down! Lie down! I can't breathe! *
Get down! Lie down! I can't breathe!
Get down! Lie down! I can't breathe!
No justice? No peace!

You are afraid of me. I’m not afraid of you!
My skin is black and brown; your skin is bullet blue!
I’m not afraid of you. You are afraid of me!
But I’m not killing you; just look at history!

Four hundred years of “black is bad” is burned in your head.
And, so the consequence of fear and hate is I end up dead!
Yes, sir, you get to use the power from the barrels of guns,
but can your might make right the senseless deaths of so many sons …
and daughters?

When will the last time be the last time?
Or will enough be just enough?
When will the next mile be the last mile?
Don’t matter, we know that we’re tough.
When will your last word be the last word?
When will we cast aside these chains?
When will the last one be the last one?
‘Cause we are counting up the names!

Get up off of our necks! *
Get up off of our necks!
Get up off of our necks!
Get up off of our necks!

[Pick any 56 names from the thousands who have died from police violence .. or add more names and extend the song as long as you want. **]

Just in the past eight years, nearly eight thousand Black people have died at the hands of police. Say their names again and again, because Black lives matter. They must matter and they do matter!

* The author takes no "copyright credit" for the words of these chants. They have been used in the streets by protesters for some time.
** The names of police killing victims are a matter of public record.