Chris wrote If A Woman Had Made The World in collaboration with both of his brothers, and dedicated it to their Brooklyn-born, brilliant, powerful, and radically left mother, Ethel Werfel Owens. (Did someone say "Bernie Sanders?")

The song was included on Chris' 1984 cassette-album ANYONE'S REVOLUTION, and has only become more of a crowd pleaser over time. Unlike many of Chris' early songs, this one features no recorder and a wonderful and exciting guitar solo by Clyde Spillenger. Spillenger is currently a Law Professor at UCLA, but he was then a young and inspired guitarist who was at Princeton when Stanley Jordan was first turning heads.

SUBSCRIBER SURVEY QUESTION: Chris intends to re-record If A Woman Had Made The World. What musical elements would you like to see retained, and which ones would you like to see changed? Should Clyde do another guitar solo?