Here are some comments made by the best critics -- anonymous reviewers!  :)

"OMG! I absolutely love this sound. It sounds like something almost in an old time movie when they are dancing. I love the rhythm that it gives. It sounds like something I can dance to almost every day at a very big party. I love the lyrics that goes with the sound!!"  (Female, 16-24)

"I really love this song. It's definitely a banger, something that I can totally jam to it doing anything -- whether it be working or going for a stroll down park or jogging or driving. I would without a doubt put this in my playlist and listen to it."  (Male, 16-24)

"I thought this song was great! The singers did an awesome job expressing their emotions and great energy when singing this song. They seemed very into the whole song and seemed to love singing it... The music was absolutely perfect, the sax and instrument arrangement was flawless and unique."  (Female, 57)

"Unlike many other Blues songs, this one is upbeat and makes your head bop like a pigeon while still maintaining that classic "bluesy" sound and rhythm... The song itself is very erotic, just like many Blues songs usually are. Overall a great song -- perfect for people who enjoy this genre of music and could be a great first experience for those new to Blues."  (Male, 16-24)

"This is a very groovy song. I was instantly moving along to the beat. The vocals were very nice and I loved the vibe of the song. Lyrics were great and i very much enjoyed the story behind the song. It was very catchy. I loved it!"  (Female, 16-24)

"This song is perfection! This is the type of song everyone should listen to! ... It's so beautiful -- the vocals totally match this type of genre and the instruments. So perfect!"  (Male, 16-24)

"I personally think this song is excellent. The instruments used in the track worked well together... The main male vocalist was lovely and did a great job as his voice gives the flavor this track needs due to the rasp in his voice. Adding dialogue from the woman occasionally throughout the track kept me interested... This track is done and produced very well overall."  (Female, 16-24)

"I am getting my funk on! I love this song... I love the vocals and I also love the instrumental. This song is a really great song and is entertaining."  (Male, 25-34)

"This song is fantastic. ...The singer has a deep husky voice. I love how this song is used to portray how he has the blues."  (Female, 16-24)"I like this song every bit, excellent composition and great talents. Each instrument player deserves a great applause. I feel like having a house party to enjoy this beat."  (Female, Age 32)

"The instruments are pure jazz and class, the tune is really great and I have to say that the style is simply astonishing. The singing is perfect, the vocal are raspy and distinctive, and the verses are very likable and memorable."  (Male, 25-34)

"I love the bluesy rock vibe! I love the vocals-- his style of singing, it's almost conversational and that brings a really personal feel to the song. I also love the jazzy horns and the ambiance and energy of the song overall. I love the beat, the tempo, the music, everything. This song is perfection! Not sure why this man isn't a star already, but he should be!"  (Female, 44)

"Great beginning -- hooks you in and you want to keep listening... I really like it and would listen to it nonstop and recommend it to others. So fun!"  (Male, 16-24)

"I was smiling the whole time while listening to it.. Great song!"  (Female, Age 29)

"I enjoyed listening to this song/music and the more I listened the more I liked it..."  (Male, 41)

"I really loved the soulful, raspy quality of the singer's voice... The lyrics were charmingly cheeky and mildly irreverent, and the musicianship was top notch."  (Female 33)

"The singer's voice is raspy in a way that makes this song seem timeless... The rhythm section does an excellent song of making a song that sounds like a classic but also contemporary."  (Male, 27)

"The saxophone sounded amazing and I could listen to that solo over and over again."  (Female, 16-24)

"This is amazing because it is very fun and upbeat... It is very enjoyable to listen to. I would add this to my playlist."  (Male, 16-24)

"This was a jolly, upbeat track... I think he has a great husky voice. I love blues music and I could listen to him all day. I thought he was fabulous! I was dancing to this!"  (Female, 25-34)

"The instrumentals (especially the guitar solo) are very pleasing to listen to... I can't help but dance around in my seat. Very catchy."  (Female, 16-24)