What are people saying about "My Tower"?   

Here are some comments made by the best critics -- anonymous reviewers!  :)

"I love that this song is current and relevant to what's happening in this world. It's sassy, intelligent and brazen in the best way. I love his delivery and the mix. I'd listen again and share it."  (Female, Age 60)

"Such a up beat song and a funk to it a great song love makes me want to dance and move to the music."  (Male, Age 25)

"I like how poignant the song is from start to finish. Chris Oledude's voice sounds so good and high quality and I don't think I will grow tired of listening to this song on repeat."  (Female, 26)

"The array of instruments and layering of sounds throughout this piece was really intriguing and entertaining. I felt that the prominent bass not only set the band's tempo during recording but also provides a clear continuous energy that holds the listener's attention. The lyrics presented a solid story and the vocal delivery had a pleasant warmth throughout the piece that reminded me of a funkier Louis Armstrong. Overall, I really enjoyed this song."  (Male, 26)

"I love the lyrics! They are intense and angry, and I love it. The artist had a beautiful, deep voice. Loved the melody to the song and the beat."  (Female, 27)

"Very cool sound! I love the gruffness of his voice! The lyrics are meaningful. I love the instrumental track. The musician is very talented."  (Female, 31)

"Chris Oledude has a fantastic singing voice and I was very surprised to hear how deep is singing voice is. This song has some fantastic beats and I love the lyrics. I want to vitamin see you later is a fantastic lyric."  (Female, Age 33)

"I really love the beat of this song, its very relaxing and down to earth and makes me want to dance. The lyrics and the melody work well together and I would recommend this song to my friends and family."  (Male, 36)

"I really like the traditional bluesy feel of this song and the upbeat nature of the song despite the lyrical content. I think the lyrics are good, and the music makes the whole song feel upbeat and hopeful. It totally works. I love the vocals; the singer has an old school blues voice. It sounds professionally unrefined, and it has that hoarse, scratchy sound to it that's perfect for this kind of song. The instrumentation has a New Orleans sort of feel to it, and I love the addition of the brass instruments. There's a lot of depth to the music, a lot of moving pieces that all fit perfectly together. I love the tempo and rhythm; it's a wonderfully dancey beat. I love the bass and percussion. They lend a really funk sort of undertone. Overall, it strikes me as a blues song that sounds traditional and contemporary at the same time. It's recognizable but unique. I love it."  (Male, 53)