— JoeAnn C.

JUNETEENTH 2020 finds us in the middle of a significant social change moment.   

The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer has focused attention on police brutality against people of color, and racism in general, in a way that few moments have in American history.   

Black people have risen up -- again -- to demand justice.  This time, however, white allies have been stepping up to help ensure that meaningful changes take place.  I have written songs protesting injustice before, but this song came together over the course of a few days as I witnessed -- with gratitude, tears and surprise -- the breadth and depth of the "change coalition" emerging. 

On September 24, 2020, the uncle of Kenosha, WI, police brutality victim Jacob Blake reacted to the lack of police accountability regarding the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY:  “Success is for me and you to walk down the street together understanding that we have no fear of being pulled over,”...  “Understanding that we will be treated as human beings, as humanity. Humanity is being mistreated, so it’s not just brown people, it’s all peoples but until we look at it like it's all people and not just some people then it won’t be everybody.”  (The Hill)

We are fighting for our humanity -- and that means we will keep on marching and raising our voices until many changes are made.

"George Floyd" is a "benefit song."  I will not keep a penny.  Whatever funds are generated by the sale of this song will be distributed to three non-profit organizations engaged in the ongoing struggles for our safety, our respect, our dignity and our rights:  Black Lives Matter (, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (, and the Alliance of Families for Justice ( 

Please spread the word to your friends to buy the song, "rock the message," and support change. 

Thank you! 

Chris Oledude 

P.S. -- Special shout out and thanks go to engineer Mark Dann, his daughter and "narrator", Alyssa, researcher Bessie Wong, and musicians Charles Frommer, Geoffrey Owens, Eric Parker, Ross Reed, Nancy Donnelly Swart, and Wendy Ward for their contributions to this effort. 

P.P.S. -- Since this is a "benefit recording," we are not including it in our subscriber package.  But don't worry, you can get "My Tower" right now as a subscriber and there are two more great songs on the way between now and the end of July, so after you buy this song, subscribe and save!  Peace!

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What are people saying about "George Floyd"?  

Here are some comments made by the best critics -- anonymous reviewers!  :)

I loved this song, more so for the message it was giving. It’s so important. I would love to hear this at the protests. Very artistic and beautiful. I'm going to look up this artist after this and share with friends. The vocals and production sounded great.   (Female, Age 31) 

I've heard this song several times and it's amazing, it got stuck in my head and I sing it during my daily routine, I've recommended it to others as well, It's a song that everyone needs to hear and take the message to heart. Keep doing what you're doing, this is awesome!   (Male, 28)

This song delivered its message loud and clear. It imparted the importance of this movement perfectly. The singing and spoken words were moving and portrayed in a clear and attention-getting way. The music complimented the words and added more to the overall greatness of the song. This song should be required listening for all people. It was profound and moving in a very special way.   (Female, 57) 

Wow! This is a fantastic song. It has a perfect message. It is an impressive output. I really liked what the artist did with the piece of music.  (Male, 31)

I absolutely love the social justice message of this song! It is timely! The tune is very catchy and danceable, plus the various vocalists have great voices. …   (Female, 44) 

Great song tackling one of the most important subjects today. When they read off all those names, it was a powerful moment in music. This is a song that should be heard.  (Female 59) 

The song is fantastic, it's smartly written and professionally recorded. The message is great and needs to be put out there in as many places as possible. I hope this song gains traction because it's not only a very good song, but it needs to be heard.  (Male, 38) 

I really enjoyed the message in this track. Being unafraid to stand against the status quo really makes for great music. The beats were on point and made me want to move.  (Male, 29) 

A superb performance from Chris Oledude. A nice message song. I recommend everyone to hear this song. Crisp and clear voice and well-balanced music. …  (Female, 55) 

This style was fantastic. I really felt the music in my soul, not just with my ears and brain. I think this is going to go somewhere!   (Female, 29) 

This is such an important song given what is going on in our country. I really like how long it sticks with me/. It's not a song I will forget at all.  (Female, 32) 

... It's immediately captivating. The different sections and intermix of vocals are incredible. ... I like the left/right mix of the vocals; helps clarify each voice. Really love that part of the spoken names. It makes me freaking cry into my keyboard every time, though. This is such a powerful song. It's got numerous distinct powerful sections, and really builds up. Wow! I am again taking the opportunity to listen to it twice (oops. Now third....). It sounds clearer. Wow, such an incredible powerful song. It could be a soundtrack to a docudrama type thing. The list of names and spoken word at the end makes me cry every time. So powerful! The song is both heartbreaking and uplifting! Intriguing and hypnotic as well. Love, love, love this song! I wish I knew what genre to categorize it into. It's unlike anything I've ever heard... In a good way. I mean I just listened 3 times <:-D Very good sign!  (Female, 66)