Thank you for your support! We had a great time on April 9th!

Greetings, family, friends and fans!

I am happy to announce that our concert provided at least $1000 to each of the three non-profit organizations:  The Peoples' Voice Cafe, The Weeksville Heritage Center (in Brooklyn), and Music On The Inside I hope that you will considering providing more support to them.

This was the FIRST big concert of the "Chris Oledude" era, and it was a wonderful party!  The energy was powerfully positive, the music motivated all of us, and the weirdness of a livestreamed studio session made it a real night to remember.  I look forward to releasing the livestream recording (unedited and edited) for everyone to enjoy again!

I want to thank Hayden Ticehurst and his crew at Studio G (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) for their patience and innovation in setting up the session and providing a great mix for your pleasure.  I also want to thank Lorray Digital Media (NJ), and its fearless leader, Ray, for making the most of an awkward situation with a good camera set-up and quality video for all!!!

Most importantly, I want to thank my musical colleagues. 

The Birthday Benefit Bash Ensemble

Baritone Sax:  Martha Hyde deserves special kudos for stepping in literally at the last minute and filling in for a missing part.  I forgot to introduce her "on air," so I want to thank her first here!

Alto Sax:  Special thanks to my new friend and ally, Lisa Parrot!  Lisa provided critical assistance at a critical time in this process and I will be forever grateful.

Bass Guitar:  Thanks to my new friend, Buddy Booker!

Cello:  Thanks to my musical mentor and great friend, Barry Kornhauser.

Drums: Thanks to my new and inspirational friend, Bernice Brooks!

French Horn:  Thanks to a new friend, Justin Mullens!

Guitars:  Special thanks to Tomas Rodriguez, who had to pick up multiple roles when COVID knocked out our other guitarist.

Percussion:  Thanks to my brother from another mother, Baba Selah!

Piano and Keyboard:  Thanks to new friend, Dan Furman!

Trumpet:  Thanks to a new friend, Pam Fleming!

Viola:  Thanks to my new soul sister, Pam Hamilton!

Violins:  Thank you to my new friend, Eric Salazar, and to my friend and client, Liz Taub (Violizzy).

Vocals:  Thanks to my new friends, Laura Bright and Laurent Grant Williams!  It was great to be a trio!


Meet my fellow performers by CLICKING HERE!

P.S. - If you bought a ticket and had a time conflict, you can still watch the performance using your ticket until April 24th!

P.P.S. - The first 200 people who purchased a ticket will be receiving a free Oledude Birthday gift!