5/17/20 - Ethel W. Owens 97th Birthday Song -- "She Loves You"

Our Mom has been in a New Jersey nursing home since long before COVID hit.  They did a good job there and, as of Mom's 97th birthday, she was doing OK! 

The Owens brothers, with various children and significant others, gathered to celebrate this great birthday as we often do ... with song!  This song was the encore number to a 30-minute concert -- unrehearsed, of course!

11/2014 - Benefit Performance:  

"Peace Like A River" OBB-The Owens Brothers Band

New Jersey Peace Action held it's 2014 annual event at The Maplewood High School in New Jersey.  OBB was cajoled and coerced by MOM (who else?) to provide "meaningful entertainment."  There is nothing like watching mature folks groove to an electric guitar!

At this gig, OBB members included the "Core 6," brother Mitty, Selah Spruiell, Kelly Skaller, Darryl Clark, Barry Kornhauser and me, as well as Ned Matura (lead guitar) and Dominick Gagliardi (drums).  Dean Freedman was handling sound and cheerleading -- along with Mom!  We were missing brother Geoffrey or had yet to recruit other folks (Wendy Ward, Doug Murphy, Anthony Gaddy)!  For more on OBB, go to www.owensbrothersband.com (site is being updated).

6/21/20 - MAKE MUSIC DAY



Music is the true language of love, and it can bring us together like nothing else does.

As part of an annual tradition, a twist was put on 2020 Make Music Day performers due to COVID.  We did a "song swap" -- two artists were paired and each pre-pared a song by the other!  Cool concept!  

So, to the left, meet Shawnessey Cargile, who performs a cover of my song "Home Again" (c) 1986.  In turn, I covered his song "Mama Dear" (apologies for my voice on this one).  

Each of us made interesting changes to each tune.  I liked his (a touch of Neil Young); I hope he liked mine!  :)  Now I am inspired to record "Home Again" as one of my next projects so you, dear listener, can "compare and contrast!"